Knee-High/Over-the-knee Boots

Knee High Boots have been a super popular Fall/Winter trend for a few years now! If you don’t already have a pair, you should definitely get on that! You can find them for pretty reasonable prices at almost all women’s shoe stores, and clothing stores as well. Knee High & Over-The-Knee Boots are *PERFECT* to wear with your favorite Summer/Spring skirts and dresses. Not only will your whole leg not be bare, they give such a sassy, sexy, and stylish look! Wear them with tights, or high socks to give your legs some additional warmth.

Patterned/Textured Tights

Another great investment to pair with your favorite Spring/Summer skirts and dresses! You may or may not know, but nowadays tights come in so many different patterns and textures! They can help spice up an outfit, and of course help keep you warm!! Add some colored tights to your outfit for a bold look.

Chunky/Oversized Pullover Sweater with Dress

This has got to be one of my favorite, ways to transition my fave Spring/Summer dresses into cute Fall/Winter looks! IMO it works best with bodycon and skater dresses. Toss your chunky/oversized sweater on over your dress, and BAM….is it a cute sweater and skirt outfit? is it a sweater on top of a dress? No one will ever know, but if they did they’d probably use the idea 🙂 . *Def wear tights and/or Over-The-Knee Boots with the outfit for added warmth