Stuck at home bored during this crazy coronavirus pandemic? Here’s a list of things you can do to be a little less bored during these not-so-fun times 

Binge-watch your favorite shows

What’s better than binge watching your favorite show in your comfiest clothes with your favorite snacks? This is the perfect time to catch up on any new episodes(or seasons) that you’ve been missing out on! 


Cook a fancy meal

Seriously, what else is there to do when you’re stuck at home, other than eat? Lol, jk(maybe) Now that you have your fridge all stocked, you can show off your chef skills! You may not be able to eat at your favorite restaurants right now, but you can definitely recreate the meals! With the help of google and youtube, you can definitely get it poppin’ in the kitchen


Set Up a Photo Area/Corner in your house and take photos

Who says you need to leave the house for a photoshoot?  Make some magic by getting creative during these boring times. Use props(objects/decor) around your house, put your camera/phone on self-timer, and WERK